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What is RSM Student Portal

Rsm Student Portal or the Russian School of Mathematics is a unique school that is more like an after-school program. It provides mathematics education for kids who are attending the K-12 level of public and private schooling.

The school is committed to provide kids an opportunity to excel in the field of mathematics.

To accomplish this, the institution provides the opportunity to advance in mathematics by going beyond the traditional curriculum of schools and the regular schooling system.

RSM is located in the city of San Jose, San Mateo, and Irvine or you can easily access the RSM student portal online via computer.

rsm student portal

The school was founded by Inessa Rifkin and has Irene Khavinson as the co-founder. The institution was created with a focus on primary school mathematics.

The school’s high-level classes provide students with preparations for standardized tests that include SAT, SAT II, and AP examinations. All classes involve intensive reinforcement of topics by using examples and exercises.

The classes at RSM also involve a competitive environment including classwork and homework for all students.

This helps them revise and get hands-on whatever students are taught in the class.

This is one of the best approaches that help students polish their skills etc. As far as the after-school program for mathematics is concerned, it was established in the city of Boston.


The school started off from a very small scale. RSM started off from a living room located in Inessa Rifkin’s home.

Since then, the school became one of the largest after-schools that offered math enrichment programs in the Northeast.

It serves more than 10,000 students belonging all the seven states. The school also runs an overnight camp located in New Hampshire in Sunapee.

RSM Student Portal

RSM Student Portal California:

RSM is known to have three schools in California. Apart from that, RSM can now be found in Sunnyvale.

The Russian School Of Mathematics is located in California in the year 2006 when the co-founder of the campus Irina Khavinson opened a school in Santa Clara County, San Francisco Bay Area. the school is known as RSM-San Jose and served more than 700 students from San Jose.

The school catered students from communities of Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Gatos and surrounding areas.

Online RSM Student Portal

RSM Student Portal Illinois:

There are two different RSM schools in Illinois. There is one campus located in Naperville and Wheeling.  The Naperville is one of the first branches of RSM in Chicago. It serves students from the K-12 of Naperville and other communities located in the surrounding area.


RSM Student Portal Massachusetts:

RSM is one of the most prominent institutions in the area. The state has more than 10 schools located in Acton, Andover, Framingham, Lexington, Franklin, Newton, and other areas.

Here RSM Newton is the headquarters and is one of the largest branches of the school. More than 2,000 students come here on a weekly basis from around 30 communities that lie in the MetroWest.

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RSM Student Portal Washington:

One of the schools of RSM is located in Washington. It opened in the year 2012 as the first branch of RSM in Washington.

The branch serves students who come from Redmond, Seattle, Renton, Sudbury and other communities located in the surrounding areas.

RSM Student Portal New Hampshire

RSM has a campus in the state of New Hampshire in Nashua. The branch located in Nashua was the first branch in New Hampshire.

It serves students from Windham, Pelham, and Brookline, Hollis, Hudson and many other communities present in the area.

It opened in the year 1997 with a vision to provide a systematic approach and educate kids keeping in mind the traditions prevailing in the Soviet Union and Europe.


RSM Student Portal Connecticut

The RSM School is one of the best in the state of Connecticut and is located in the city of Rock Hill.

The school commenced operation in the year 2013 and serves students from communities like Cromwell, South Windsor, Manchester, and other surrounding areas.

RSM Student Portal Kentucky

This is one RSM school in Kentucky. It was located in Louisville and started in the year 2005.

This was one of the first branches of RMS and serves more than 200 students from Louisville and the surrounding areas. Areas like Crestwood, Goshen, Pewee Valley, Mount Washington, and other areas.


Who can take benefit from RSM

RSM has one of the most dynamic curricula and a passionate team. The team comprises of knowledgeable individuals who work day in and day out and help add innovative research into the kid’s mental upbringing.

The curriculum is quite unique in the USA and all the lessons are designed keeping in mind the concepts that are introduced earlier years. The teaching method is quite unique and doesn’t only teach for the sake of taking a test or rushing through concepts.

The goal of the course is to provide students with insights about deep mathematical how-know. This is going to help students develop the habit of critical thinking.

To accomplish this RSM takes the following things in mind and make sure that students and teachers follow the right direction and make the learning process easier. These areas covered by:

Being Patient:

It is nothing to worry about the level of mathematical proficiency that is associated with the kid. The course and study material are designed in a systematic way to make things equally challenging for students.

Students also feel enthusiasm when they experience victory in a challenging situation. The curriculum and study material at RSM is designed keeping in view this intellectual level of your kid.

It is ok if the kid doesn’t catch up with the lectures and the lessons at first. One has to be patient if one has to learn a new skill or simply mathematics. When the time comes and the kid becomes skillful enough it automatically becomes a confidence booster for the kid. 


The Goal Is To Make RSM Feel Like A Family:

The kids are a reflection of what their parents are. If any of the parents are skillful in maths then the kid is going to find the subject quite interesting as well. It is a good approach that you involve your child in a discussion.

Also, it is a good idea if you would appreciate your child while he does his homework. The idea is to make studying mathematics a fun-filled experience.

Don’t Be Shy If You Don’t Understand A Question of Rsm Student Portal:

RSM Homework Answers Help

The math problems are designed to meet the needs of the modern-day approaches to mathematics.

Students are required to apply different steps and methods and get the correct answers for themselves.

The problems are created in a way that they always keep the hunger to get more and more done in the class and at home.


Make Sure That Your Kid Owns Their Homework:

The assignments and homework given to the kids are designed in a way to actually build confidence and boost their confidence level.

This is going to help them learn stuff more effectively and efficiently.

If the kid successfully solves problems without major assistance then it’s good.

If not and he is getting stuck on a problem, then it is time to explain it to him and make sure that you help him learn the difficult aspects of the problem.

This is why this exercise is very beneficial to help them own the learning process. Make sure that you identify aspects of the problem where your kid needs your guidance and help.

Involve Your Kid’s Teacher in the Process:

A teacher is qualified enough to have a broader picture of the kid and another aspect of his or her personality.

It is something good and very helpful for the kid to use different resources at their disposal to get in touch with their teacher.

One can simply communicate with their teachers using messages, emails, and phone calls, etc.

Parents can guide their kids regarding the adequate use of such devices.


RSM is one of the best institutions that is working to make the most out of their resources at hand. With a huge network of students.

Campuses and schools RSM becomes one of the high-ranking institutions working to make students shine in the field of Mathematics.

The success of an educational institution rests with the success of the students.

It is necessary that efforts should be made to help students become successful in their personal and professional life.

Stay tuned for more updates from this superb educational institution in the United States.

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